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Sabiepark Nature Reserve


Sabiepark Dream Holiday: If you are inwardly longing for a dream holiday in the African bush, then an ‘unknown place’ is right at your doorstep! This gorgeous ‘Sabiepark Private Game Reserve’ and the world-famous ‘Kruger National Park’ happen to share the Sabie River as their common border.

  • Property owners and visitors to Sabiepark’s “dream holiday” are confronted with wildlife on a daily basis. Yet lions, elephants, and others of the ‘Big Five’ are at eye level three to four feet from a security fence, at the picnic spot within Sabiepark.
  • Nevertheless, on a Dream Holiday with ‘Wildlife Property,” you can get to know some eye-catching exotic ‘wildlife residential’ properties to purchase, within this beautiful Sabiepark Private Game Reserve!
  • When you visit Sabiepark with your family and friends, they will undoubtedly be thrilled with what they experience and see.
  • Because of the above boundaries, there are many daily encounters with wildlife and animal events.
“Dream-Holiday”- Residential-Map.
“Dream-Holiday”- Residential-Map.

Living Your Wildlife ‘Dream Holiday’ Every Day.


Sabiepark Private Nature Reserve; is an inclusive 345-hectare-proclaimed private nature reserve. They are nestled against the famous world-renowned Kruger National Park on the banks of the beautiful Sabie River. This gem of nature reserves comprises 270 freehold properties. Safety measures imply fencing the Sabieparks border perimeters with a high-quality, durable electrical fence. Daily patrols of the boundary fence are undertaken in the early mornings and evenings. There are even more; a clubhouse with a beautiful picnic area, a pool, and a tennis court. Exclusively available to its residents.

  • The fenced-in Sabiepark prohibits any man or animal from gaining entrance. Notably, no homes within Sabiepark are permitted to be fenced in. For this reason, allowing wildlife within Sabiepark to roam free.
  • In addition, Many species of wildlife are to be found throughout the day within Sabiepark. Such as Kudu Giraffe, Impala, Duiker, Wildebeest, and Zebra, to name but a few!


Imagine living your “wildlife dream” every day; Within Sabiepark Wildlife Game Reserve. Which is home to the finest of “overs of nature”. It’s no wonder so many have discovered Sabiepark, within the wild African terrain of South Africa. Without any doubt, they are looking to select Sabiepark Private Reserve. That borders the world-renowned ‘Kruger National Park as their new ‘getaway home’.

  • Indeed, you become closer to nature; hereby Sabiepark “Dream Holiday” becomes your lifetime opportunity.
  • Our future mission to you: thereby you will discover your personal lifetime ‘dream getaway’!
  • Where can you find inner values in the wild; hence without any doubt, inside Sabiepark Private Game Reserve
  • If you have been reading until now; hereby your dream home awaits.
  • Housekeeping services are provided; thereof on request from Sabiepark!
Dream-Holiday-large- view-of-Sabiepark.

‘Sabiepark’ is an inclusive 345-hectare-proclaimed private nature reserve. It is nestled against the famous Kruger National Park on its eastern border. This beautiful wildlife haven is a gem of nature. It consists of 270 freehold residential properties of roughly one hectare each. Sabiepark is completely fenced in with a high-quality, durable electrical fence. There is also a clubhouse with a beautiful picnic area, a pool, and a tennis court. It is exclusively available to its residents.

  • All things considered, wherever your dream is, is also my dream!
  • Henk de Beer our Sabiepark wildlife property sales agent, has been selling getaway homes within Sabiepark ‘for almost 20 years’.
Dream-Holiday-large- view-of-Sabiepark.



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