Sabiepark Game Reserve Services

Sabiepark Game Reserve

Sabiepark Game Reserve Property Services

Sabiepark Game Reserve Services

Sabiepark Game Reserve Property Services. Are you an owner of a holiday home in Sabiepark or own a property within the immediate surrounding area? Do you need a specialised service or tasks to be undertaken at your home.

We have appropriate teams as listed below, to address your work on time. They pride themselves on competence and guarantee excellence in workmanship. They are experts in their trade, and are standing by to assist you!. Please note this is a quoting system. We put you in touch with contractors operating within Sabiepark. Wildlife Property is not affiliated to any of the listed contractors.

Please note, you deal direct with the service provider. We do not uphold liability for any loss, claim or damage whatsoever.

Sabiepark Game Reserve Property Services

sabiepark game reserve property services

We are the experts in: Solar & Gas.

Johnny: 072 738 0195 (Solar)

Adri 072 463 7887 (Gas)



sabiepark game reserve property services

Barbecues, Thatch Roof repairs and everything else!

We are the experts in ‘Thatch Roofs’ and all ‘There Under’.

Martin: You name it and I will fix it!… 082 440 4936



Centurion – Pretoria

Pieter Pretorius – J & P Lightning Conductors

Cell: 083 255 8510 (Centurion)


“When thunder roars… Go indoors”


sabiepark game reserve property services     H.H.K. Earthing & Lightning Protection Systems 

     Witbank / Nelspruit

    Helmut Kanwischer

        Tel: 011 476 6917 Email:



Sabiepark Game Reserve Property Services

Founded in 1990, Bundupale started its journey, lead by. Mr. A.B.R. Janson to become the leading civil engineers in the field. Situated in Schagen, near Nelspruit, we started working nationwide. Tending to the needs of each individual customer. Mr. Pieter Broodryk joined this venture in 2006. His appointment allowed growth in all departments including the customer base and customer satisfaction.


In 2009, Bundupale became more established, and we started trading under the name Bundudakke. Specialising in cladding thatch roofs with Harvey Tiles. We registered our company in 2015, and trade under the name Bundudakke (Pty) Ltd. Our offices have opened in Lanseria, Lydenburg, Mpumalanga, Pretoria, and Johannesburg. We are also soon opening an office in Hluhluwe, Natal. Whether you have a weathered thatch roof that is in need of an upgrade or if you are planning to build a new thatched roof. Harvey Tiles is the alternative and durable manner to cover any roof.

                                                                             LYDENBURG: Pieter Broodryk082 325 0649  |  Johan Kruger082 611 9771  |  E-Mail:  Contact Us

“Speak to the professionals in ‘Harvey Tile’ roofing”

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Sabiepark Game Reserve Property Services.

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