Marloth Park Vacant Stand Package Sale

Marloth Park, South Africa
For Sale R140,000.00 - Vacant Stand
MPVL00002 1900 sqm in extent

Marloth Park Vacant stand Package Sale

Marloth Park Vacant Stand Package SaleMarloth Park Vacant Stand Package Sale. Marloth Park is set in the beautiful eastern bushveld of Mpumalanga. Close to nature, bordering the Crocodile river. Animals and exquisite birdlife, serenity at its best. Marloth Park is a unique bushveld holiday town bordering the Kruger National Park. It’s an amazing place for kids to enjoy and learn about nature. Opportunities to feed zebra, get close to giraffe or watch bush babies come out at night. Giraffe, zebra, blue wildebeest, kudu, and much other wildlife species co-exist amongst residential dwellings.

A friend of mine once said to me… Marloth Park feels like living in the ‘Garden of Eden’. We are now fast nearing fall, and summer is now dwindling and losing its grip on nature… ‘Winter is lurking around the corner’. Most trees leaves are now nearing a process, soon to start dropping their green and moving into a rest period! However, now is the time to start planning for spring (What a contrast)? to plan ahead and purchase this beautiful property!

Marloth Park Vacant stand Package Sale

2 bedroom, 1 bathroom house plans included in  the sale of this property!

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Marloth Park Vacant stand Package Sale

Marloth Park Vacant stand Package Sale

Ever considered ‘Staying over in the Kruger’ for a night or two?

Satara is a busy camp, and not without reason. It’s situated in an excellent game viewing area. Open bush and plentiful divers animals

The camp itself has a rustic charm, with the bulk of the accommodation set out in a series of circles. Satara is well wooded and the bird-life is prolific. At night the clink of fruit bats fused with the chirping of cicadas and crickets. The calls of owls and nightjars. They add to a symphony punctuated by the whoop of the hyena, the screech of jackal and the roars of a lion.

5 Things To Seek

  1. Red-billed Buffalo Weaver
  2. Lion
  3. Giraffe
  4. Blue Wildebeest
  5. Honey Badger

Contact Satara

  • Tel: +27 (0)13 735 6306
  • Mobile: 082 802 1209

Agent Estate Agent Sabie Park Private Game Reserve

Estate Agent Mountainlands Game Reserve.
  • Office : +27 (0) 13 741 1958
  • Mobile : +27 (0) 83 400 8490
  • WhatsApp : +27 (0) 83 400 8490

Estate Agent Sabie Park Private Game Reserve. Hi, my name is Julian vd Westhuizen. First of all, I have a commercial…
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