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Marloth Park Wildlife Resort Emergency Numbers

Marloth Park Wildlife Resort Emergency Numbers. Courtesy: Unknown photographer of Hyena.


Marloth Park Wildlife Resort Emergency Numbers. When an emergency occurs don’t throw everything down and run! Call any of the appropriate emergency numbers as below! The Gatecrasher is a good example. For some unknown reason. A well-known roofing contractor in Marloth Park was home alone on a Saturday night.

He decided to put something on the coals for supper. He stood  in front of his braai, glass in hand, minding his own business. The smoke hampered his sight and he bent forward trying to establish the state of his supper. The smell of meat attracted another loner’s attention who was also looking for a bite to eat. A hyena with his taste buds well activated sniffed the air and decided to investigate.

It did not take him long to end up next to the braai, stretching his neck to see through the haze of smoke. Unbeknown, the two were standing side by side. Both were concentrating on the sizzling meat. When, as if at a given signal, they looked each other in the eye and with a ‘Yayoo!’from the one and a ‘Yip, Yip, Yiiiip! from the other, they took off in opposite directions. Leaving the supper for whoever turns up for the evening.

Marloth Park Wildlife Resort Emergency Numbers

Courtesy: Unknown photographer of Hyena image!


  • FIELD SECURITY                                      082 828 1043
  • SECURICON                                                082 567 2350
  • WA EN GENOTE                                        072 481 9053


  • SECURICON                                              086 111 1728                                 
  • NOODROEP                                              082 410 4474


  • LAW ENFORCEMENT                            076 141 0458
  • FIRE FIGHTING                                          082 806 1611
  • DOCTORS KOMATIPOORT               013 793 7306
  • DOCTORS EMERGENCY                      083 459 4870
  • ELECTRICITY STANDBY                      082 888 2561
  • WATER (SAM)                                             078 803 9965
  • RANGERS STANDBY                              082 802 5894
  • SAP KOMATIPOORT                              013 793 7321


  • JOHN WEBB                                             079 778 5359
  • RIAAN (FIELD)                                        071 674 4596

Other emergency NUMBERS you may wish to call!

In the real world, seldom do we deal with emergencies. Thus, when a crisis occurs, and considering the situation, most people will not know whom to call. Worst of all, do you have a list of emergency numbers on hand… I doubt? In conclusion, we have  a list of important LOWVELD emergency numbers.

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Marloth Park Wildlife Resort Emergency Numbers

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