Marloth Park Property Services

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Marloth Park Property Services

Marloth Park Holiday Township Property Services

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Marloth Park Property Services. First of all, are you an owner of a holiday home in Marloth Park, or own a property within the immediate surrounding area? Furthermore, in dire need of a specialised service or tasks to be undertaken at your home.

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Marloth Park Property Services

Hence, we have appropriate teams as listed below. To address your urgent needs. Above all, they pride themselves on competence. And guarantee excellence in workmanship. Even more, they are experts in their particular trade. Similarly, showing a great pleasure to assist you. Please note… this is a quoting ‘service’ system. As a result, Wildlife Property puts you in touch. With contractors operating within Marloth Park. Most noteworthy, some contractors  could also emanate from surrounding areas.

Marloth Park Property Services

Please note; we are not affiliated with any contractors. * When referred *,  you deal direct with a service provider. We do not uphold liability for any loss, claim or damage whatsoever.


Marloth Park Holiday Township Property Services


I am an expert in: Gas.

Adri Badenhorst (Gas) 072 463 7887




Marloth Park Holiday Township Property Services

Harvey and Metro Tiles across South Africa!

Firstly, whether you have a weathered thatch roof, in need of an upgrade. Likewise,  if you are planning to build a new thatched roof. Noteworthy, Harvey Tiles is the most durable value alternative in the industry.

Even More, this versatile cladding turns ordinary thatch roofing. Into an attractive, and more sustainable roofing. Therefore, not only is Harvey Thatch cost effective. Certainly, it overshadows thatch roofing . Hence, the tiles are of natural colour and match original thatch.

Marloth Park Holiday Township Property Services

As a result, Harvey Thatch gives you the same cozy atmosphere as thatch roofing. Similarly, this type of durable roof cladding. Requires much less maintenance. Noteworthy, it is also approved by the South African Bureau of Standards.

Therefore, contact us today for all your Harvey Tiles / Harvey Thatch or Metro Tile Roofing requirements.  South Africa, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town. Hence, we offer competitive Harvey Tiles prices.



Above all, we are waiting for your call!

Contact: Julian 083 400 8490

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