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An Elephant family, wading on the bank of the Sabie River

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leopard-relaxing-underneath-the-shade-of-a-treeAbout Us. We facilitate an exceptional lifetime real estate expectation within Sabiepark in South Africa. By enabling investors to invest in the natural beauty of this unique and exciting wildlife environment becoming readily available. Thereby directing your hopes and ambitions, towards your goal of having ownership of a getaway home in the wild African bush, adjoining one of the worlds most popular wildlife game reserves called the Kruger National Park. With two decades of Sabiepark wildlife property experience, we pride ourselves to providing professional, customer service, and unique observational expertise in this beautiful nature reserve.

About Us

Our professional real estate expertise locates in a province, called  ‘Mpumalanga’ in South Africa, often referred to as “the place where the sun rises”. It is here that you will find this beautiful private wildlife game reserve called “Sabiepark Private Game Reserve“. Nestled on the banks of the Sabie River, sharing a common border, with the world-renowned Kruger National Park. Property owners in this reserve live in ‘Paradise’, within a stunningly beautiful wildlife animal as well as ‘flora and fauna’ surround.

Create an exciting new challenge!

I happened to create an exciting new challenge within my lifetime!. During 2005, with the blessing of Sabiepark management, I was appointed to become one of two independent Real Estate Sales Agents, within Sabiepark. My sales and marketing experience before working at Sabiepark made a perfect fit! Due to my previous banking background, as well as a sound knowledge of mortgage and property transfer procedures. I have versions enjoyed an active life by selling real estate within Sabiepark.

Picnic Area On The Sabie River

Sabiepark Property Agent

To continue making my career success, I would greatly appreciate your support. If you, your friends, family, or business acquaintances are thinking of selling or buying real estate in Sabiepark Private Game Reserve, I would be most pleased to assist. Kindly call me at +27 (0) 83 400 8490. Also, share my website and information, with those close to you or afar. Should you not be familiar with Sabiepark, then all the more reason to give me a call to show you around.




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